Disney World Dining iPhone App is a Hit!

For those of you who own an iPhone or iPad and are big Disney World fans, the new application called “WDW DINING” is something you should have. I recently downloaded this handy little Disney iPhone app and to be honest I didn’t have high expectations as I didn’t think it could have all of the info I would want. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this app is loaded with cool features and most importantly for me has complete updated menus for every Walt Disney World Restaurant! I thought I would take you screen by screen and show you some of the cool things this app can do and how it can help you the next time you vacation in Walt Disney World.

The opening screen is layed out very nicely with the following links:

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

1. A DISNEY DINING RESERVATIONS button at the top where at the click of your finger you will be connected directly to a reservation specialist at Disney. Simply and easy and a great thing to have at your fingertips the next time you’re on vacation in WDW.

2. MY DINING SCHEDULE – This is where you can save each and every dining reservation you make so you can see all restaurants, dates, times, reservation numbers and number of your party at a glance. There is also a link to email your dining schedule if need be. Rather than having all of those printed emails you can have every reservation layed out right there in your iPhone which is a great feature. This is a manual feature meaning the application doesn’t automatically connect to the reservation system and download your reservations. You have to manually type them in.

3. MY FAVORITES – This is basically a place where you can have links to all of your favorite restaurants. The app allows you to browse through all of the restaurants, read about them, look at menu’s etc and at that point you can select the little star in the upper right hand corner to save it to your favorites. It works very much like your browser where you save your favorite links. This is nice to have as you don’t have to page through parks and resorts to find info on your preferred restaurants. It’s all right there in your Favorites section.

4. NEAR ME – This feature utilizes the GPS built into your iPhone or iPad to locate the closest restaurants to your location. You’ll be happy to know that “Storybook Treats” near the Winnie the Pooh ride in the Magic Kingdom is the closest to me right now (I live in Pennsylvania) at 915 miles and the furthest restaurant is the “World Premier Food Court” which is just 920 miles from me! Well, I can dream I was closer. 🙂

5. Below these links are buttons that will take you to restaurants in each Park, Downtown Disney, Deluxe Resorts and other Resorts with a simple click. Below is what came up when I selected the Magic Kingdom button:

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

From there I selected one of my favorite restaurants, The Crystal Palace. As you’ll see below it gives you a short overview of the restaurant and gives you links to their menus. It will also provide you a picture, tell you where in the Magic Kingdom it is and directions as to where exactly it’s located. Below that it will tell you if it’s on the DDP or Disney Dining Plan and how many credits it requires. It will also tell you if you can use the TiW or the Tables in Wonderland Discount (formerly known as the Disney Dining Experience), the price range, whether it is table or counter service, whether it has healthy meal options available and the cuisine type. It is also on this page where you can select the clock symbol at the top right and enter in a reservation for this restaurant. You can also select the Star button to make this one of your FAVORITES.

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

Below is the reservation view where you can select the date and time of your reservation, the reservation number and the party size. By hitting the SAVE button, this reservation will be placed into your MY DINING SCHEDULE that you can view from the front page.

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

Below is an example of the menu view. This one in particular is from a Disney fan favorite, Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image
Here’s a view of the Resorts sections and what you’ll see when you select them.

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

Disney World Dining iPhone App Image Disney World Dining iPhone App Image

Conclusion:  All in all this Disney iPhone App is perfect for anyone going to Walt Disney World who plans on dining in the parks or at one of the resorts. The old days required you to go to a website online, search for menu’s (which many sites do not have) and hope it was updated. Doing that from a mobile browser is difficult at best and this application makes it easy and super quick to see a menu and find out where the restaurant is located. The app currently costs $1.99 (as of Feb 2011) and it’s definitely a bargain so give it a try!

(NOTE:  There is also a Disneyland version of this application so make sure you give that one a try as well. As of today (2/24/2011) the application was FREE in the Apple App Store.)

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