Hungry? Check Out This List of the BEST BUFFETS in Walt Disney World!

Try and think of dining in Disney without the word “buffet” popping into your head. You probably can’t do it and that’s not such a bad thing. If I were a betting man, I would bet that there’s a large percentage of vacationers that hit at least one buffet while they’re in Walt Disney World. But, one thing is for sure, it’s tough to pinpoint the best buffets as all of them have their good and bad points. What’s even tougher is to give you a ‘top 10’ list since the meals can be very different so I thought it would probably be a better idea to tell you what I think are the best Breakfast buffets and which are the best Dinner buffets across the different parks and resorts. So take a look and give a few of them a try!

Here’s what I consider the “Best Breakfast Buffets in Walt Disney World”

1. Chef Mickey (Contemporary Resort): This one is a no brainer. Chef Mickey gives you not only a great selection of breakfast foods but also gives you great atmosphere and all of the traditional Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, etc.) If you have kids and your family enjoys a good breakfast then make sure you make reservations for Chef Mickey. But remember, it books up fast so make your reservations as far out as possible (up to 180-days.)

2. Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge): Boma breakfast is so very different from any other morning buffet that I’m ranking it high because of the variety it offers and the outstanding flavors you’ll encounter in their selections. Starting off your morning with some West African Frunch (which is a combination of different fruit juices) is a great way to get your day going. In addition, Boma offers a wide variety of pastries, fruits and cereals to match just about any pallete. And to top it off they have a great variety of hot items from omelets, waffles and pancakes to Brioche (French Toast w/ raisins), Bobotie (a combination of corn beef, eggs, cream, potato and onion) and some superb breakfast pizzas! Oh, and did I mention the BEST coffee in Walt Disney World is served here which is the Kenyan AA served in a coffee press? Boma has something for everyone and is a must try breakfast buffet!

3. Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom): The Crystal palace breakfast is pretty much on the same level as Chef Mickey but you’ll see different characters (Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore) and have a food selection that is more traditional to the American style buffet (eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles, etc.) Still, the Crystal Palace is an old favorite for those who’ve been visiting Walt Disney World for many years and as always it’s very popular so get your reservations made as far in advance as you can. The added benefit is that if you can get an early enough reservation you’ll have the priviledge of walking down Main Street USA ahead of the rest of the guests who can’t get into the park until it officially opens. That opens up some great photo opportunities in front of the castle!

4. 1900 Park Fare Supercalifragilistic Breakfast (Grand Floridian Resort): The great part about this buffet (other than the food) is that you get to see some characters that are sometimes tough to find. Here you’ll see the Alice, Eeyore, Tigger, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins and Pooh and it’s a great time for the kids (especially the younger ones.) Breakfast is excellent with build your own Omelets, Challah bread French Toast, Mickey Waffles, Blueberry Pancakes and tons more. A fun place for breakfast with great atmosphere. Bring your appetite!

5. Hollywood & Vine – Character Breakfast Buffet (MGM Studios): For the kids that love to watch Playhouse Disney in the morning, this is a must place to go for breakfast. A great list of characters including JoJo and Goliath and the Little Einsteins makes this a fun event where you eat pretty good all American breakfast buffet foods and dance with the characters. The food was pretty much the basics, but very good. Scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, biscuits, Mickey Waffles, etc. Only issue was that it can get hectic and loud here so if you want a quieter kids buffet then you might want to try the Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare. They also host a lunch buffet here with the same characters but I’ve been told it’s not quite as good as the breakfast so check the menu items before booking this one for lunch.

6. Cape May Character Breakfast (Beach Club Resort): A very nice buffet at the Beach Club Resort with some of everyone’s favorite characters in Goofy, Minnie and Chip and Dale. Traditional American type breakfast fare and a nice atmosphere. Probably not on par with Chef Mickey or 1900 Park Fare, but a nice buffet if you’re staying on or near the resort.

Honorable Mention: Trail’s End Buffet (Fort Wilderness Campground), Maya Grill (Coronado Springs)

Here’s what I consider the “Top Dinner Buffets in Walt Disney World”

1. Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge): Boma is in a class of it’s own. It is one of the most popular buffets in Walt Disney World as it has a very wide selection of foods that you won’t find at any other buffet, either at home or in Disney. The Chefs do a great job of incorporating an African flare into the selections as they use a lot of the native herbs, spices and recipes that many are not accustomed to here in the states. In my opinion Boma is a really great buffet for just about anyone who likes to try different things. The array of different salads and soups, a carving station of different wood roasted meats, great side items and desserts to DIE for make this place a winner in my book. The biggest problem is that the main dinner items are so good that you forget to leave room for dessert! 🙂 The atmosphere is very unique and the staff are always very nice and eager to please. Truly a very good restaurant for the entire family. And by the way, the kids section of the buffet has Chicken Fingers, Mac and Cheese, etc so don’t be afraid the kids won’t have anything to eat.

2. Chef Mickey (Contemporary Resort): It’s really a tie for the award for best dinner buffet in Walt Disney World. Boma in my view is probably the best ‘Non-American Fare’ buffet but Chef Mickey takes the cake for the overall award. The food is tremendous including favorites such as Spice Rubbed Prime Rib, Oven-Roasted Bone-in Ham, Tamarind Glazed Salmon and a great selection of dishes incorporating chicken, turkey and pasta (depending on the day.) The accompaniments are equally as good with, among others, the popular Pamesan Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Steamed Broccoli Polonaise. The kids will love their side of the buffet as well which has chicken, pizza, mac and cheese, and some other kid pleasers. And, last but not least, save room for the after dinner Sundae and Dessert Bar with soft serve, cakes, pies and cookies! Add in Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Chip and Dale and it’s a great time with great food and a buffet that can’t be missed. Reservations for normal dinner times (5-7pm) can be tough to come by some make the reservations well in advance!

3. Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom): Inspired by the original glass and iron building erected in London over 150 years ago, Disney’s Crystal Palace has become one of the most popular dinner spots in the Magic Kingdom, where you’re joined by Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet for a great time and great food! Although it can become quite crowded, there’s a reason and it’s mainly the food. Everything from Prime Rib and Roasted Turkey at the carving stations to seafood and pasta make this buffet one of the best in Walt Disney World. Bring your appetite and have fun!

4. Biergarten (Germany-EPCOT): You’ve got to love a restaurant where it’s Oktoberfest EVERY DAY! This place puts on a great show and the food is fantastic. Just about every kind of sausage you could think of is represented in some fashion mixed in with other favorites such as roasted chicken, roasted pork, salmon and much more. And, after dinner you’ll be amazed by the great desserts which includes Black Forest Cake, Bavarian Cheesecake, and the popular Apple Strudel. You’ll certainly walk (or roll) out of this buffet very very full. 🙂

5. Cinderella’s Gala Feast at 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian Resort): Just as the breakfast is one of the best buffets so is the dinner. The characters you’ll encounter are a little different (you’ll meet Cinderella, Prince Charming, Suzy & Perla and the Fairy Godmother) but the dinner is equally as good. They have an excellent lineup including Prime Rib, Turkey, Salmon, Curry Chicken and Lasagna matched with some great accompaniments, soups and starters. Atmosphere is very nice and ‘elegant’ at 1900 Park Fare and it’s a nice evening for the entire family.

6. Cape May Cafe Clam Bake Dinner Buffet (Beach Club Resort): Don’t let the name confuse you. Yes, this is a really nice buffet for the seafood fan but it has much to offer the land lubber. The Cape May Cafe Clam Bake is located within the Beach Club Resort which is across the waterway from the Boardwalk Resort and it’s what I consider a hidden gem. For the seafood lover you’ll find such things as Clams with Garlic Butter, Mussels with Roasted Tomato Butter, Peel & Eat Shrimp and the fish of the day. On the other side you’ll find a Prime Rib carving station along with BBQ Ribs and a selection of accompaniments, salads and soups. So, if you have a few members of your party that love seafood and some that don’t then definitely give this one a try as it has something for everyone.

Honorable Mention: Trail’s End Buffet (Fort Wilderness)

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4 thoughts on “Hungry? Check Out This List of the BEST BUFFETS in Walt Disney World!

  1. January 22, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Please, please email me the recipe for the Bone in Ham recipe that my daugher, 2 granddaughters and I enjoyed at Chef Mickeys. I am 73 years old and was at Disneyworld 32 years ago. That ham was the most delicious ham we have ever tasted, please send me the reciple as I do not know if I will be able to come back to the Contemporary. Email me all the reciples you can. Thank you very much.

    Respectfully, dfsmalec@

  2. Jeanne Valencia
    June 4, 2008 at 6:39 am

    Several years ago we had a bufet breakfast at the Polynesian and had the most wonderful French Toast ever. My son went there very recently and said it was still on the menu and was excellent.

    Do you have the French Toast recipe? The waitress said it was made with Challah bread.

  3. julie baker
    June 14, 2008 at 9:45 am

    I love the new buffet at Tusker house at the Animal Kingdom Park, the best is that it is next to the safari ride so try and get there early to see the animals while they are walking around and then eat.

  4. September 19, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    i loved the character dining it was so totally good i know i’m like 13 but we’ve gone 1 time and were going again at summer 4 seven days and last time we ate at boma 4 breakfast and mmmmmm was it good we went and no one complaned at all and one thing you have to do is ride the rock’n roller coastr it was so fun and my little sis was complaning about everything but no one cared and know this we rode almost all the rides all u hav 2 do is go and love it.

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