The Best Coffee In Walt Disney World

Next time you visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge, stop in for one of the best cups of coffee in Walt Disney World. Served at Boma (and In-Room Dining if you’re lucky enough to be staying at the Lodge), the Kenya AA coffee is served in a press pot and is a great start to your day for less than $7.00 per pot.

Kenya AA is considered the finest grade of coffee from Kenya and it has a very intense taste and what many call a ‘winey flavor.’ You’ll also see “world’s finest” when searching online for Kenya AA so you know it’s good stuff.

So, next time you’re vacationing in Disney, stop at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and try some of the best coffee in Disney and the world! Or, if you’re not near Disney, there are a few places to purchase online like Amazon or try your local gourmet coffee shop. Enjoy!

Animal Kingdom Lodge

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