The Mickey Pretzel! Another Tasty Disney Treat!

Deep into the pathways of Frontierland there is a treat that is taking Mickey Mouse fans and Disney food connoisseurs by storm. Not simply because it’s a tasty treat but because it’s a cool new version of the soft pretzel that only Disney could come up with. Yes, you guessed it… of the hottest Disney treats is in fact the Mickey Pretzel!

Mickey Pretzel

Probably the coolest thing to ever happen to the soft pretzel! Say hello to the now famous Mickey Pretzel! ┬ęDisney

Although I would not consider the Mickey Mouse Pretzel a ‘gourmet’ pretzel as it’s not flavored with cinnamon or icing or made with any fancy ingredients, this tasty new Disney treat is something that all kids and adults will love because let’s face it, everyone loves soft pretzels! Leave it to Disney to come up with a really cool and creative way to sell the most basic of treats. The only issue is at the time of me writing this post you can only find Mickey Pretzels at the “pretzel wagon” which is located along the back pathway in Frontierland near Pecos Bill’s and the Country Bear Jamboree. But for about $4.00, it’s a tasty treat that we highly recommend and the kids (and adults) will love it!

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