Joffrey’s Donuts – A Disney World Treat You Can’t Live Without!

Joffreys Donuts Disney World

When I was thinking of reviving the Dining In Disney site I thought to myself that I had to start it off with a bang. So what better way to start things over here than to talk about what could possibly be the best breakfast or snack in the shape of a circle – Joffrey’s Donuts in Disney World!

Before we head out on our vacations to Walt Disney World, we always talk about what foods, snacks, desserts and restaurants we want to hit while we down there. Heck, it’s not even just a conversation BEFORE we go. That conversation is like a daily occurrence to be honest!

But one thing continued to come up time and time again when I asked my son what he was most looking forward to. And it was always the PINK JOFFREY’s DONUT! Really, that donut is the main driver behind you wanting to go back to Disney? Well according to him it definitely was something he could NOT live without. We HAVE to get it at all cost or the trip will be ruined!

So it went down on the list – a BIG PINK JOFFREY’S DONUT!

Joffreys Donuts WDW

What Makes Joffrey’s Donuts in Disney World So Dang Good?

I wish I knew. There is just something about a simple iced round donut with sprinkles that just screams DELICIOUS. And this Pink Joffrey’s Donut in Walt Disney World screams it louder than just about any other donut treat (outside of the Port Orleans beignets, but we’ll touch on that later.)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these Joffrey donuts are worth a million. They’re that stinking good.

  • The perfect size, not too big, not too small.
  • The perfect amount of icing – it’s not an inch thick like a Gideon’s Double Frosted Cake (which itself is good too.)
  • Sprinkled to perfection – Who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles on ANYTHING. It just screams YUM!
  • And the price is not bad, especially for WDW – $5.99. I know what you’re thinking…you can get a dozen donuts at home for like $12-15. I know, but this is Disney World and you have to splurge just a little, right?

Where Can You Find Joffrey’s Donuts

Joffrey’s kiosks are located all over Walt Disney World. Here are a few of those locations:


  • Kiosk located between the entrances to the Monorail and the Ferryboat


  • Tomorrowland


  • Kiosk located at the Park Entrance near the entrance to the Monorail
  • Kiosk located at the Test Track and Mission Space Area

Joffreys Pink Donut


  • Kiosk located at the Park Entrance near the entrance to the Monorail
  • Kiosk located at the Test Track and Mission Space Area


  • Kiosk located at the Park Entrance near the entrance to the Monorail
  • Kiosk located at the Test Track and Mission Space Area


  • Kiosk located at the Park Entrance near the entrance to the Monorail
  • Kiosk located at the Test Track and Mission Space Area

Joffrey Donuts Tips and Tricks

Buy Your Joffrey’s Donuts at the Right Time

Normally, there’s a certain time of the day you want to buy donuts. In my neck of the woods it’s early in the morning when they are freshest and there is the most variety on the shelf. However, in Disney, it’s not the same.

I have purchased Joffrey’s donuts both in the morning time and in the evening and for some reason they still taste pretty darn fresh most times. I don’t know if it’s the Disney magic or what it is but I’ve never had a bad Joffrey‘s donut that tasted stale.

So as you would do at home when buying pastries from the local store, I would take a look at the donuts at Joffrey’s kiosk and ensure they look fresh and appealing. If you buy it at the right time in the morning, you will get the freshest ones available for sure.

Make Sure Your Joffrey’s Donut is not Melting in the Florida Sun!

This one’s really important. I have seen certain Joffrey‘s locations that are sitting directly in the sun for a good portion of the day, and the donuts are sitting in that blazing heat. Those are the ones I try to steer clear of.

The Joffrey‘s in the front of the Animal Kingdom entrance is one of those examples. If you’ve ever walked past a Joffrey‘s in the hottest part of the day, you’ll see that the kiosk directly faces the sun for a good portion of that afternoon. Those poor little donuts are sitting in that glass case and just frying all over again!

I have never purchased a donut from that location because I just don’t like the fact that they sit in the sun all day. Now I’ll give the Joffrey’s credit that sometimes when you look at them in the heat, they don’t look terribly bad. Who knows, maybe they’re cooling them down. However, I just don’t trust it.

Try to find the Joffrey‘s locations that don’t have the donut case right in the sun. There are a lot of them and I would say a good majority of them are shaded so you’ll be OK. The Joffrey‘s location between Canada and the UK in Epcot is a nice little shaded area with a lot of trees so that’s always a good spot. But again you’ll find a lot of kiosks that are shaded with very fresh looking Jeffrey’s donuts so you’ll be OK

DVC or Disney Annual Pass Discount at Joffrey’s Locations

Disney is expensive, we all know that. So whenever you get a chance to save a few bucks it’s great news.

For Joffrey’s locations throughout Walt Disney World if you have a DVC membership or an annual pass, you can get a 20% discount on beverages and treats. That makes that $5.99 donut just only $4.79. If you’ve ever had one of those pink Joffrey’s donuts, you know that’s a sweet deal!

Wrapping Up The Donut Conversation

I hope you learned a little bit about Joffrey’s donuts today. It’s the little things in life that make me smile every day. And a nice pink Joffrey’s Donut (no offense to the blue or cookies and cream donuts!) at least once while you’re in Disney World on vacation will definitely make you smile too.

Thanks again for stopping by and remember that life is short…eat dessert first!